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Vigorous; Thrive, Flourish, Be Active, Be Effective


Viget Labs is a web development and consulting firm who can boast a well known web app such as Squidoo in their projects section. They have four “labs”: strategic consulting, application development, online marketing, and interactive design. A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours in their very impressive Falls Church office, peaking [...]

Get Out


In the last few months (what many are referring to as) the DC “Tech” community has really ramped up. I first started seeing it after Barcamp and since then there has been the addition of lots of interesting events in the DC area and even the online formation of the DC Tech Community on Ning. [...]

BarcampDC Follow-up Topic: Emotional Design and the User Experience


While in the User Experience discussion my ongoing experience with my ex VW Beetle came up. Is the overall brand experience a part of the user experience? So this bridges the discussion at BarCampDC with a book I am reading (Interaction Design by Dan Saffer) with a convo I had with Cindy about her Beetle [...]

Barcamp DC Rocked My World


Barcamp DC convened this past weekend and proved to be a most-excellent gathering of web-geekery. While I would love to give you a recap of the events, I am still mid apartment move… with (gasp) no internet access at the new place. For now leave you with a teaser of a Flickr Photo from the [...]

Get Ready for BarCamp DC!


BarCamp, according to Wikipedia, is an unconference that “open sources” the organizational process of FooCamp by codifying it in a wiki and evangelizing it through a Web 2.0 tool kit. FooCamp comes from the term Foobar, which (oh, duh) is exemplified in… // PHP code $foo = ‘Hello’; $bar = ‘World’; $foobar = $foo . [...]