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At First You Don’t Succeed…


This month marks my one year blog-iversary. When my blog first launched it did not look like this at all. I have actually had a lot of websites; none of which are at the domain No, rather a super-classy 1992 styled “Under Construction” warning has taken up a permanent residence on that page. It [...]

The Super 77 Schnauzer Story


Meet Missy: my parent’s 13 year old miniature schnauzer who hates to swim, must have her hind quarters touching another living being at all times, and has an alarmingly pitiful bark. Missy struggles with a very embarrassing personal hygiene issue which makes her ridiculously stinky. If you have a miniature schnauzer you probably know the [...]

Design(ing) Makes Me Happy


Being designer can sometimes be tiring. I will never say it sucks or that its a crappy job because that is just not true. It is a privilege to be a designer and in my opinion it is the best job in the whole world, but just like any other creative occupation sometimes you feel [...]

Songs to Design By


This post was inspired a little bit by Brian Warren’s monthly mix tape and a lot by the Design Work Flows panel I attended last year at SXSW… music seems to go hand and hand with design. While many designers regularly listen to music while concepting or photoshop comping, I am the type who prefers [...]

Its a redesign!


Most designers I casually survey agree that one of their most daunting challenges is creating a design for their personal identity and website. Often we will end up settling for something thats OK but not perfect just to get our work out there. A lot of times a designer is too busy with paying clients [...]

Just a Little Background Info…


Design is everywhere. Since I was in the 6th grade any time anyone asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up the answer has been “I want to be a graphic designer”. A few years before that if you would have asked me the same question the answer would have been the [...]