Songs to Design By

This post was inspired a little bit by Brian Warren’s monthly mix tape and a lot by the Design Work Flows panel I attended last year at SXSW… music seems to go hand and hand with design. While many designers regularly listen to music while concepting or photoshop comping, I am the type who prefers to listen to my headphones when I am coding some CSS. What intrigues me the most is WHAT people listen to, and when.

So the other day as I was working I decided to jot down what I listened to on my ipod and make a mixed tape. Now… my taste in music is all over the place. Don’t judge me. Ok fine… judge me. If this is your first time to my site, please keep in mind my taste in music in no way reflects my taste in design. Enjoy!

What do you guys listen to and when? What are your essential tracks?

Venus In Furs- Devotchka
I am really digging this band right now, check them out on the “Little Miss Sunshine” soundtrack as well. I like to start my day with them.

Gossip Folks- Missy Elliott (Featuring my boy Luda)
Because we are from the VA-Represent.

Heaven is a Place On Earth- Belinda Carlisle
One of the first Videos I remember seeing on MTV

Green Onions- Booker T. & The MG’s
This song is the epitome of cool. This song is the Bad-Ass Anthem

Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That- Robert Randolph and the Family Band
Because my boy can get down on the slide guitar.

Janis Joplin- Combination of the Two
There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think… “Janis Joplin, now that is a Bitch’n Bad-Ass”. This is a great early tune.

Betterman-John Butler Trio
Because John Butler is pretty freaking hot.

Bears- Lyle Lovett
…but Lyle Lovett is hotter. You think I am joking? See this guy live with his Large Band and try and disagree. Best live show hands down.

Time Bomb- Rancid
Brings back the good ole days.

Steppin’ Out with My Baby- Tony Bennett
For an old dude this guy can still get down. Also a fantastic live performer.

Say it Ain’t So- Weezer
Was the official band of the store back when I used to work at Capitol Mac in Richmond. Back before there were Apple Stores.


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