#4 Choice Links for October

Margaux Lange Unique Handcrafted Jewlery
Eccentric & unusual jewelry. I am a big fan of this jewelery because it reminds me of my college figure-drawing class. There is something so interesting in the challenge of training your brain to see the human body as shapes and form that occupy space.

Laws of Simplicity
I am always looking for tactics and pointers on ways to clearly communicate design principles to non designers. The more effectively you can explain a design the better chance you have of selling it to the client.

Jim Denevan
This guy draws magnificant designs in the sand with driftwood. Many of them can only be fully appreciated from afar. I saw his work on one of Jim’s artsy fartsy surf videos. There is a lot of awesome design found amongst surf culture.

Some may find my collection of geeky t-shirts unusual. I don’t care. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I am sporting an inside joke on my shirt that only someone as design/web geeky as I will get. I have met some awesome people on the metro this way.

The Mozilla Manifesto
This pretty much sums up exactly what I believe. I would write a manifesto myself, but why reinvent the wheel when Mozilla has stated it so eloquently.

Operation Firefox
This is one of the many community building events that makes firefox such an awesome brand to support. If anyone successfully participates in this please ping me with the details. I only wish this was something had the time and energy to pull off myself.

If you haven’t checked out Mixx yet.. get with the program dawg! A community similar to Digg,  Mixx has a wider range of options for customization and localization of the news you want to receive. There are also a lot of fun social features too. (not to mention a well designed interface)

Businessweek Article on the King Web Standards
This article does a really good job at explaining the evolution of web standards ( with a focus on Jeffery Zeldman) to non-tech minded people

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