Its a redesign!

Most designers I casually survey agree that one of their most daunting challenges is creating a design for their personal identity and website. Often we will end up settling for something thats OK but not perfect just to get our work out there. A lot of times a designer is too busy with paying clients to focus on personal expression. Devising your own site is a challenge for any creative professional. It consists of coming up with a visual representation who you think you are, who others view you to be, and how you want to be marketed to future clients. This can make you go completely banana-shits insane.

Since my senior year in college I have been dealing with this struggle annually… coming up with a new web design, being unsatisfied and then spending all my time trying to think up something better. I have done over 30 different comps in the last year alone, and I finally feel like I have put together a site that provides a clear peak into my inner design soul.

This is the official Website of Samantha Warren Version 5.0.

This new launch helps me breath a sigh of relief. I can go back to spending my spare time blogging instead of tweaking CSS. It also marks a fantastic time of change in my life.

This post will be followed by several posts that I have just been itching to write. I can’t wait to tell you a little bit about how I came to finally decide on this design, what has been eating away at my brain about the London Olympics Logo, and Apple’s iTunes U.

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