Putting Sophistication Back into Riding the Train

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking the Acela train from Washington DC to New York City for the first time. Approaching my gate to board the train in Union station I was greeted with a fantastic poster campaign depicting my future venture from our Nations Capital to the Big Apple. I had seen Michael Shwab‘s Amtrak Acela poster series featured in Commarts, but up close and in person they caused me to take immediate notice.

Even with me being pretty rough at 7 am in the morning, The giant banners hanging from the tall ceiling of Union station grabbed my attention. The sharp graphic shapes referenced the retro feeling of the posters printed in the 20s and 30s. A time when taking the train was a luxury, something to put on your pearls for. With simple iconography Swab overwhelmed a gate full of early morning travelers with the sense of sophistication. Suddenly I wasn’t just taking a hurried commuter train into the city, I was riding in style.

This is a great example of how Design can improve quality of life. Sometimes just a simple reminder can help the average person mentally separate themselves from the daily grind and be whisked back to a more glamorous time. Yesterday morning the work of Michael Swab helped me to remove myself from reality and view my state of being a little bit more optimistically.

You can purchase posters online for a steal at just $5 a piece. I just ordered the whole set of 4 for $15. What a deal!

Read about the future of Amtrak’s campaign with Michael Shwab’s designs here.

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