#5 Choice Links for November


I don’t have a Diana Camera but it would kick-butt if I got one for Christmas (oops… is that another subtle hint?). I really dig this site for not only its great history of the camera and gallery of shots taken with it, but for it’s design. The overall look and feel of this site mimics the fantastic nostalgic feel of a Diana photograph. I love it.

well doneWeel done

Well Done
An annual report for a food company that has to be baked to be read. Some pages have plates wear food appears after being placed in the oven. What a clever idea!?

color palette generator
Color Palette Generator

Type in the path to any image on the web and get a color palette automatically generated for you. This is great for matching colors to a dominant image on a site.

An online tool for comparing web fonts on your screen. Awesome idea.

web desigeners

for Web designers
A helpful index of great links to sites ranging from fonts and free photos to AJAX and CSS. I personally think they should ad a blog category.

Pentagram’s Beginings

Hillman Curtis Talks to Paula Sher about the History of Pentagram
I really enjoyed watching the little info graphic as Paula Sher told Pentagram’s story.
(found via swissmiss)

Faces in Places
Does your imagination ever draw a a face in an image that isn’t a face at all? This blog has a very creative way of looking at the world and it makes me feel happy inside.

Communication Arts is Out of Touch
This article by Andy Rutledge echoes my feelings on this magazine. There is more to “Interactive design” than Flash, but if you looked at the Commarts Interactive annual you wouldn’t know that.

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