#8 Choice Links for February

God is a Designer T-Shirt
Yeah, I guess he is…. isn’t he? Once again , I love nerdy type tees… and this one gets you by being so obvious… you have to think twice.

Things I have Learned in My Life
Things I have Learned in my Life So Far
Stefan Sagmeister is a designer known for taking unusual risks in his work. He is often associated with a famous poster he made where he had someone carve the type into his body with an exacto knife. I cringe every time I see it ( so its not getting posted on this page). Also known for illustrating his statements through typographic expression, he has created this website that encourages people to personify their life lessons in type.

Ministry of Type
The Ministry of Type
A fantastic Typography blog with a perspective that comes from across the Atlantic. Every time I read “Arse” in a blog I start reading it in my head with an accent. Working on fixing this mental glich.

Print Pattern Blog
I am a total paper fiend. On my first trip to New York city I bought so much paper I couldn’t fit it all in my suitcase. I also have bags of printed fabric just waiting to be sewn into¬† totes and purses. This would be where laziness is bad for the soul. I hope to get on making some new bags after SXSW so I don’t end up like those poor fish… passed out in a heap of printed material. (They aren’t dead, BTW… they are just sleeping)

News, Notes, & Observations from Hoefler & Frere-Jones
Posts from the type designers who brought you Gotham, Hoefler Text, and Didot. This site is just stunning.

Grids are Good
Grids Are Good For the Soul
A limited addition poster that sold out before I got to order. Total bummer… but a great example of how a little Design idea can go a long way.

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