DC Design Talks From Keri’s perspective

Keri SeibertKeri Siebert
Student, Art Institute of Washington DC

After graduating from VCU Keri took a position as an International Export Analyst only to realize that she wanted to pursue her true passion for Design. Dropping everything, Keri is in her first year at the Art Institute and loving every minute.

In school I am learning the fundamentals of graphic design such as layout, color theory, and how to use the necessary software applications. The advice given at design talks provided me with advanced knowledge from experts in the field to enhance the basics that I am learning in school. Throughout the conference I was inspired and jotting down new ideas for school projects that I am working on to make them better. Samantha’s presentation on typography made me re-think the font to use for my personal logo. Rob Goodlatte?’s advice on the importance of learning about your client?s culture inspired new ideas for a menu project. Alex Giron reminded us that creativity flows while taking breaks to have some fun when working on projects.

I will say that the amount of knowledge and inspiration that I gained at the event far exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed the wide range of topics covered. There was web typography, CSS, design research, finding inspiration, Flash, etc. I look forward to the next design talks and can?t wait to hear some more fresh perspectives on the subject that I enjoy the most; design!