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#4 Choice Links for October


Margaux Lange Unique Handcrafted Jewlery Eccentric & unusual jewelry. I am a big fan of this jewelery because it reminds me of my college figure-drawing class. There is something so interesting in the challenge of training your brain to see the human body as shapes and form that occupy space. Laws of Simplicity I am [...]

#3 Choice Links for September


Blog Action Day The sexy design of this site makes me want to give those DC Greenpeace activist that accost me everyday for my phone number a few more minutes of my valuable lunchbreak time. Oh wait… now now, that design made me a little delirious. <clears head> I don’t have to sell my soul [...]

#2 Choice Links for August


Twitter Blocks I am fascinated by the concept of visualizing social media in a way that makes the interaction more interesting. Twitter Blocks takes this idea and applies it to my favorite form of social media… I can’t wait to see it develop as a stronger trend. Vintage Ads The golden age of advertising: when [...]

#1 Choice Links for July


I have decided to drop some commentary on the best of my links at the end of every month. Swiss Miss I am getting ready to move (again) and it always inspires me to revamp my luxurious renters lifestyle with some designy interior accessories. This is a great blog to find Swiss Inspired accents. [...]