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The Spellbinding Scripts of Alejandro Paul


As I mentioned before, I am currently working feverishly to try and get the redesign of this site up and running.  After hundreds of font explorations, more than 60 comps, and countless hours of me incoherently nudging Jim at 1am pleading for advice I have made up my mind on a final(ish) homepage. I want [...]

Typography is the Foundation of Web Design


When I was in college my typography teacher was trying to explain to me how I should beef up some Univers in a project. After unsuccessfully  dictating to me instructions over my shoulder she asked if she could sit down and use my mouse. With a few simple clicks she demonstrated to me how to [...]

My Favorite Letters Flickr Pool


John Boardley of “I Love Typography” has started a Flickr Pool where you can share you favorite letters of your favorite typefaces. It is fantastic to¬† browse all the unique letterforms displayed as ornate pieces of art, and super fun to create one for yourself. Throughout the group there are a number specimens that make [...]

Five Typefaces to be Inspired By


I am currently redesigning this site and am spending hours pouring through typefaces looking for inspiration. Finding the perfect Type for this project is a lot like dating to find the right guy to settle down with. I have pretty high standards, it has to look pretty fine, but it has to have a Bad [...]

My Typography Inspiration Secret Spots


Surfers are constantly thinking about catching their next wave. A secret spot is when they find an awesome break that is hidden from the world….. where they can float amongst the waves, relax, be inspired, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the better known beaches. Just as surfers are looking for that [...]

Bad Ass Desktop Wallpapers, JUST for you!


Recently at Viget Labs, we had a Flash Mob where members of the design team spent 4 hours making desktop wallpapers to give away on the blog. This gave me the idea to design a few Bad Ass Wallpapers for this blog. It was a lot of fun, enjoy! Below I cropped each one in [...]