Five Typefaces to be Inspired By

I am currently redesigning this site and am spending hours pouring through typefaces looking for inspiration. Finding the perfect Type for this project is a lot like dating to find the right guy to settle down with. I have pretty high standards, it has to look pretty fine, but it has to have a Bad Ass personality. Over the last few days I have found some typefaces that are really nice catches… just not for THIS project. I would like to take the time and introduce you guys to each other, who knows… maybe you all will hit it off.

A sturdy thin typeface that looks lovely large, I recommend Pelso for those who need “a lot of space”.

Bello Typeface
Bello is a versatile script that can be dressed up or down with its ligatures and small caps. It is a little pricier than the other 4, but it is well worth the investment.

Great Circus
Great Circus Typeface

This typeface is old-timey antique with a modern grunge feeling. The right application of Great Circus can make or break a piece, use with caution.

Dubby Font
Though this isn’t technically a “typeface” this vector alphabet frees you from the type tool and allows you to arrange the letters as shape. The right applicationĀ  of Dubby can turn any message into one with personality.

Neville Brody designed this typeface for Arena Magazine. It has beautiful hard geometric edges accented with unexpected curves. I am just looking for where to use this typeface.

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