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The Evolution of the International Typographic Style: From Print to Web


The popularity of generated content and social media is transforming the web. No longer does a site need a flashy intro or exciting graphics to entice a user to dig deeper, search engines and smart architecture bring the user right to what they are seeking, and when they find that… they want to appreciate it [...]

Connecting the Posts: Obama’s Use of Gotham


Last year at SXSW I got to see the world premiere of Gary Hustwit’s Documentary “Helvetica”. I was one of the first in line and amazingly stoked to not only see it, but be in the audience with David Carson. My Typeface fetish hit the big screen… at my web Designer’s Disney World. Recently I [...]

Review: Getting Fontified


I found Fontifier via swissmiss the other day and thought to myself “this has to be too good to be true” when I saw it was only 9 bucks to create your own font. According to their site Fontifier lets you use your own handwriting for the text you write on your computer. It turns [...]

Typography with Mr. Bierut


Whether it is Michael Bierut’s witty posts on Design Observer, or comments on Brand New I never cease to get a kick out of what he has to say. If you are down for a little Typography geeking-out this evening… sit back and relax to a few minutes of Mr. Bierut’s ramblings on typography. I [...]

Typography: What Language Looks Like [Videos]


I get pretty excited over some nice typography. Sifting through my pile of digital clutter I rediscovered some of my favorite videos. If you share my appreciation for the personality a letter can acquire when arranged just right, you will enjoy the following video clips. Typographics Download Softlightes – Heart made of Sound by Kris [...]

You had me at Helvetica


When I first read that there was a documentary being made about the typeface Helvetica I nearly peed my pants. The film, directed by Gary Hustwit, features short interviews with many of my favorite designers. You can probably imagine how hard I rocked the cabbage patch doing my happy-dance when I found out I was [...]