Monthly Archives: March 2008

DC Design Talks From Robert’s Perspective


Robert Cooper Interactive Creative Director, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide Robert leads the interactive design portion of Ogilvy’s 360° Digital Influence Group. With clients such as Ford, Snap-On tools, and Select Comfort Beds, Robert has experience in marrying the user experience of social media with well-known brands. I left the DC Design Talks feeling creatively energized [...]

DC Design Talks From Abi’s perspective


Abi Tropea Designer, Belmont Inc A designer who works primarily in print, Abi has a fantastic knack for screen printing and has a personal admiration of letterpress design. “So, okay? Here tonight, we have, ah, apple and orange. We all different, but in the end, we all fruit.” (quoted lovingly from My Big Fat Greek [...]

DC Design Talks From Keith’s Perspective


Keith Muth Front End Developer, L-3 Communications A problem solver, Keith enjoys connecting front end design with back end programming. Keith graduated from JMU’s Special Media Arts and Design program and went on to make front-end development his full time career. I’ve never had actual formal design training…unless you count people like Samantha showing me [...]

DC Design Talks From Keri’s perspective


Keri Siebert Student, Art Institute of Washington DC After graduating from VCU Keri took a position as an International Export Analyst only to realize that she wanted to pursue her true passion for Design. Dropping everything, Keri is in her first year at the Art Institute and loving every minute. In school I am learning [...]

#8 Choice Links for February


God is a Designer T-Shirt Yeah, I guess he is…. isn’t he? Once again , I love nerdy type tees… and this one gets you by being so obvious… you have to think twice. Things I have Learned in my Life So Far Stefan Sagmeister is a designer known for taking unusual risks in his [...]