Monthly Archives: February 2008

SXSW Interactive is Coming Up!


In the 6th Grade the big field trip was to the Science Museum of Virginia for an overnight sleepover. At the age of 12 this is a big deal, and every kid anticipated it for months in advance. Each class got divided in groups by gender and the girls got to sleep in one wing [...]

Lets Talk About Web Design


There is web stuff happening all over this darn town. Everywhere I turn there are things going on, happy hours to be had, talks being given… and oh the networking. A few weeks ago it snowed here. If you have ever been in DC when it snows you know its like the world is about [...]

Information Design: Web Trend Map 2008


An improvement to the classic Web Trend Map, IA in Japan has added a third dimension for extra flavor. I see some interesting additions this time around, including Swiss Miss and Ogilvy. What the map really says about either of them is pretty vague to me, but it is an interesting interpretation and stunning design. [...]

Evolving Design in Politics: The Brand of Obama


A while back I had a super-secret brief encounter with kind-of sort-of working on a presidential web campaign. While I can’t say much about the experience it made me realize how completely out of the loop politicians are on web, design, brand, and social media. That is all but Senator Barack Obama. This post is [...]

Inspiration: Design Faces


We are all sitting at our desks doing the same thing… we are all Designing. Who else out there can relate? What does their environment look like? Is anyone else going through the same exact thing I am right now? Alex Giron created a Design Faces pool on Flickr, and I have really enjoyed seeing [...]

#7 Choice Links for January


WebStock If flying to New Zealand wasn’t such a ridiculous way to spend my money on a web conference I would so be there. Luckily a few of the same speakers will be at South By Southwest. Beautifully designed site. Love the layers and typography. This Ain’t No Disco A Blog that features interior work [...]