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#2 Choice Links for August


Twitter Blocks I am fascinated by the concept of visualizing social media in a way that makes the interaction more interesting. Twitter Blocks takes this idea and applies it to my favorite form of social media… I can’t wait to see it develop as a stronger trend. Vintage Ads The golden age of advertising: when [...] User-Generated Television Content Part 1 of 2


After sharing a Digg article titled “Internet addiction more serious than OCD” a few of my colleagues joked that this article described my behavior. I would not say my addiction is as much to the internet as it is to user-generated content. I don’t mean the videos of sons hitting their fathers in the crotch [...]

BarcampDC Follow-up Topic: Emotional Design and the User Experience


While in the User Experience discussion my ongoing experience with my ex VW Beetle came up. Is the overall brand experience a part of the user experience? So this bridges the discussion at BarCampDC with a book I am reading (Interaction Design by Dan Saffer) with a convo I had with Cindy about her Beetle [...]

Barcamp DC Rocked My World


Barcamp DC convened this past weekend and proved to be a most-excellent gathering of web-geekery. While I would love to give you a recap of the events, I am still mid apartment move… with (gasp) no internet access at the new place. For now leave you with a teaser of a Flickr Photo from the [...]

Get Ready for BarCamp DC!


BarCamp, according to Wikipedia, is an unconference that “open sources” the organizational process of FooCamp by codifying it in a wiki and evangelizing it through a Web 2.0 tool kit. FooCamp comes from the term Foobar, which (oh, duh) is exemplified in… // PHP code $foo = ‘Hello’; $bar = ‘World’; $foobar = $foo . [...]

Lovin’ me some FeedBurner


If you subscribed to my feed before Monday August 6, 2007 it would be super awesome of you to please update your feed. You see, I am just now getting around to the vast wonderment of feedburner.