Whitehouse.gov Redesign: Looking Sexy

By no means am I a political blogger. Living in Northern Virginia, However there is no escaping it, politics, government, and military are everywhere. but on the coat tail of my last blog I find this a perfect place to point out a delightful surprise I found online today.

The Whitehouse has redesigned their website, and its pretty damn sexy.whitehouse.gov

Government websites tend to have a lot of crap on them. I’m not sure why, but somewhere along the lines of working for the government you become brainwashed into loving excessive drop shadows, strokes on text, and just throwing as much useless crap possible on a webpage hyper-linked in bright blue to more useless crap. In some cases design is just not a priority and left as the responsibility of an admin person who sees it as play time with PowerPoint. I’m not dissing on PowerPoint (at least not in this blog) but Design is a very powerful tool that when effectively utilized can benefit all government agencies.
With a clean 3 column layout, Whithouse.gov has organized its information in a clear legible fashion. Subtle shadow and shine give the site depth and dimension while the simple color scheme echoes the traditional look and feel of the Whitehouse. Enough Web 2.0 design to be refreshing, but not too much that it makes it look like they are trying too hard. My favorite part of this site is the attention to detail. Unique borders, icons, and ornaments are well placed throughout the site. These little gems make me giddy. I especially love the creative little podcast icon. Overall I think the design of this site sets the benchmark that all government sites should strive to work towards in quality design.

iconiconI am, however very disappointed to have opened the source code and found tables. There is a clear attempt being made to write standards compliant code, but it does not cut it. I’m not going to get preachy about designing with standards, just recommend someone on the Whitehouse web team check out

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