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As I pointed out in a post just a few months ago I recently joined the super-awesome team at Viget Labs. I’m not just saying they are super-awesome, you can see for yourself here. Along with all the fun design work I have the privilege of working on with them, comes the Viget Inspire blog. It was an idea that was conceived before I joined the company… a series of blogs that focused on specific audiences, rather than one blog trying to knock all the pins down in one throw. I will be honest… when I saw the comp of Inspire in my interview process a little gong rang in my head and I said to myself… “snap, this place is for me”. Recently the whole initiative has gotten a lot of attention on the web, both for the content being written and for the stunning designs. Even the Web Designer wall posted an entire piece on the process. Overall, It is kick-ass to be a part of the whole thing.

Viget Inspire
So, that brings me to the point of this post, if you like what you read here on Bad Ass Ideas please take a moment to check out the stuff I am writing for Viget Inspire ( you can find my past posts here). While there is no rhyme or reason yet to what I post on that blog versus this blog, I am making it a point to never double post and to post as often there as I do here. My colleagues at Viget are also fantastic bloggers and have written some enormously engaging and interesting information. I recommend you check that stuff out too. And not just on Inspire, there is great stuff across all four blogs . You can subscribe to a master feed of all four blogs here.

Viget Engage

Viget Advance

Viget Extend

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