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Five Fresh RSS Feeds for Spring


When recently making a comment on twitter regarding my RSS reader I had several people ask me to recommend some “good blogs”. The thing is, I go through phases, I have way too many tabs full to the brim in my netvibes and I have this compulsive morning ritual of going through and artfully clicking [...]

Inspiration: I met the Walrus


Since I have been light over the holidays with posts I thought I would share with you guys a fantastic short animated film. Right now it is airing on which is where my friend Keith saw it when he passed it along to me, but after a little bit of investigation I found that [...]

Gifts for Designers ‘08 Edition


Get the Designer in your life something they will LOVE. Uppercase Scarf Wallets made of Artsy Photographs by DB clay Univers & Helvetica Ts Beautiful Typography Calender (via heartfish) Pantone Bags, Mugs & Wallets Freitag Bags (via Doug Avery) Pillows with Typography Frank Chimero Inspirational Design Posters The Store has been down for a few [...]

The Best Peep Show in Town


Upon my most recent visit to Art-O-Matic I found myself enchanted by a single exhibit… the Washington Post Peep Show. The 2nd annual contest happened back in March, but the exhibit is currently on display at Art-O-Matic . It is a spectacular celebration of wit, creativity, and craft. Not only was each little box a [...]

Kiva: Empowering Entrepreneurs


I had heard of Kiva before… received invites via e-mails and read blog posts, but it wasn’t until I saw this Pod aired on Current that I decided to participate. After jumping in and choosing an entrepreneur to lend to, I really got hooked. The site is clean, friendly and very usable. So far, the [...]

The Surf Art of Andy Davis


When in Virginia Beach Jim and I go to this fantastic little surf shop called Freedom Surf. A shop that embraces all the ideals of community that I value in a culture, they support local surfers and artists by carrying unique products and sponsoring events. Freedom Surf believes that surfing is more than just a [...]