Monthly Archives: October 2009

8 Random Questions for Jessica Hische


After months of scanning the web for examples of great design & typography, I realized that much of the custom lettering,¬† illustration, and letterpress that I had been swooning over was done by the same ridiculously talented designer. Jessica Hische’s work has been tweeted about and fffound, I can’t turn around on the internet without [...]

Eye Candy & Tweets


Some people collect coins or stamps or cats… I collect snippets of things that interest me on internet. Here are a few recent favorites from my Ember Account and my Twitter favorites. Janes Addiction poster by Matt Goldman. See more of his stuff here.

Illustrators & Designers who’s Work Rocks


Between¬†tweeting, obsessively feed reading, and collecting inspiration (check out my Ember Account, formerly Little Snapper) I come across designer’s who’s work just makes me drool. Here is a compilation of a few I thought you should know about, if you didn’t already.