Monthly Archives: January 2008

Vigorous; Thrive, Flourish, Be Active, Be Effective


Viget Labs is a web development and consulting firm who can boast a well known web app such as Squidoo in their projects section. They have four “labs”: strategic consulting, application development, online marketing, and interactive design. A few weeks ago I spent a couple of hours in their very impressive Falls Church office, peaking [...]

Brand: Once you go Mac…


I grew up on Macs. I am a member of an all Apple family and currently live in all Mac Household. My first Mac was a Quadra 605 and I have never owned any sort of Windows machine. My family still holds on to a Flower Power (still running) in our attic. In 2002 I [...]

Inspiration: The Only Ten I See


When I was in college I heard a lot of cheesy pick up lines, but I had one friend who was the king of them. He insisted the money line was “Excuse me are you from Tennessee? No? Well… you are the only Ten I see“. He really did use that line and it really [...]

At First You Don’t Succeed…


This month marks my one year blog-iversary. When my blog first launched it did not look like this at all. I have actually had a lot of websites; none of which are at the domain No, rather a super-classy 1992 styled “Under Construction” warning has taken up a permanent residence on that page. It [...]

Discussing The Brand of a Browser


I attended a fantastic presentation by Steven Heller hosted by the Art Directors Club of Metro Washington DC on Friday night and he explained that Brand is a fetish… it is when people don’t just identify with something but embrace it. This concept fascinates me especially when it falls in the realm of an a-typical [...]

Typography with Mr. Bierut


Whether it is Michael Bierut’s witty posts on Design Observer, or comments on Brand New I never cease to get a kick out of what he has to say. If you are down for a little Typography geeking-out this evening… sit back and relax to a few minutes of Mr. Bierut’s ramblings on typography. I [...]