Monthly Archives: July 2007

#1 Choice Links for July


I have decided to drop some commentary on the best of my links at the end of every month. Swiss Miss I am getting ready to move (again) and it always inspires me to revamp my luxurious renters lifestyle with some designy interior accessories. This is a great blog to find Swiss Inspired accents. [...]

Do not Buy me an iPhone for My Birthday


I love Birthdays. I especially love my Birthday. Logically I know its just a little ridiculous to set aside a day to celebrate the unremarkable fact that I managed to dodge getting hit by a bus one more consecutive year, however the idea of one little day to pat myself on the back and say [...]

The Best Design Advice I have Ever Received


Recently I came across a post by Veerle Pieters called “What a designer needs to do to get a job”. Packed full of advice, this article spawned a plethora of additional conversation on the subject matter proving that those looking to make career moves and students hoping to find a means to pay back their [...]

Making Ordinary Extraordinary


If you have ever shopped at Target you have been effected by the work of Michael Graves. Many recognize him for his egg-shaped interpretations of ordinary household items, but a few years ago I had the opportunity to learn that his work goes far beyond that. From architecture to product design Graves has helped improve [...]