A Few Designer Interviews, that I didn’t do…

Design is about people, connecting with them, communicating with them solving problems for people, that is why I love to read interviews of designers. A design is the result of a series of events and stories, research and experience there is so much that leads up to that one final piece. I love reading interviews of designers for that reason, getting the inside scoop on their inspiration and influences that leads them to produce the work that they do. Here are a few designers that interest me and great interviews done by other people, that… hell… I wish I would have gotten to do them myself.

Zuzana Licko, Type Designer

Z-LickoThe story behind Mrs Eaves plays a large role in why I love using it so much, Zuzana has a big personality that comes out in this interview were she touches briefly on her Baskerville revival.
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Dan Mall, Interactive Director at Happy Cog

danmall-by-jasongarberDan gives a lot of great advice in this interview. One of my favorite parts of this interview is the fact that he talks about the decisions he made behind his personal blog, I think blogging is really important for designers and I love that he talks a little bit about his thought process.
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Frank Chimero, Total and Complete Badass

frankchimeroIllustrator and Designer who designed a poster ( that I just adore) that says “Good Design is all about making other designers feel like idiots because that idea wasn’t theirs”. This interview includes a very unique look into Chimero’s Process… worth checking out.
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Dan Saffer, Interaction Designer

dansafferDesigning for interaction is perfect for anyone trying to make the jump from print to web. Its a great read, that makes some wonderful points.
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Michael Beirut, Famous Designer

beirutDude, its Michael Beirut. Every interview I see of him makes me laugh. Some designers I am a bigger fan of their personalities than their actual work, he is one of them. Nothing wrong with that.
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Experimental Jetset, Design Firm

experimentaljetsetOh, I bet you think their favorite font is Helvetica…  these guys SPEAK Helvetica. I love hearing about their Punk rock influences.
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Doyald Young, Original Type Badass

doyaldDoyald goes way back. This interview is a little dry but I really enjoy looking at his work and hearing his personal stories.
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photo of Dan mall is by Jason Garber

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