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SXSW: Rockstars and Cab Drivers


I am in Austin enjoying my third day at my third SXSW, and it turning out to be an awesome trip. The inspiration and motivation is abundant, panels packed with stories of innovation through creativity. Its hard to resist the contagious passion. Last night a friend from my first trip to Austin made an interesting [...]

SXSW Interactive is Coming Up!


In the 6th Grade the big field trip was to the Science Museum of Virginia for an overnight sleepover. At the age of 12 this is a big deal, and every kid anticipated it for months in advance. Each class got divided in groups by gender and the girls got to sleep in one wing [...]

You had me at Helvetica


When I first read that there was a documentary being made about the typeface Helvetica I nearly peed my pants. The film, directed by Gary Hustwit, features short interviews with many of my favorite designers. You can probably imagine how hard I rocked the cabbage patch doing my happy-dance when I found out I was [...]

Lessons Learned on the Streets of SXSW


On Sunday at South By Southwest I attended one of my favorite panels called “Deadlines, Clients, and Cashflow: The Business side of Web Design” given by James Archer. One of the points Archer made in his panel was that when running a business you should have an already established business model that you look up [...]

Finding Your Way at SXSW


Last year I was unprepared for my trip to the SXSW Interactive Festival. This time i am going as my vacation and in an attempt to make the most of it, I put together a map of some of my planned destinations in Austin. While this map does not include everything, I marked what I [...]

SXSW or Bust!


When people ask me if I am excited about SXSW being right around the corner, I have a hard time describing how excited I really am. Knowing SXSW is coming up this week gives me the feeling of birds singing in my head and sun beams warming my face. I feel giddy like I am [...]