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Get Ready for BarCamp DC!


BarCamp, according to Wikipedia, is an unconference that “open sources” the organizational process of FooCamp by codifying it in a wiki and evangelizing it through a Web 2.0 tool kit. FooCamp comes from the term Foobar, which (oh, duh) is exemplified in… // PHP code $foo = ‘Hello’; $bar = ‘World’; $foobar = $foo . [...]

Becoming Internet Famous


Some people see the internet as a means to set up shop and make money. Other people post to MySpace and make friends they don’t know in an effort to become internet famous. Whichever you prefer, it doesn’t happen over night… or does it? My friend Keith posted this photo to Digg at roughly 10 [...]

London 2012 Branding


Every 4 years the world gathers to celebrate the spirit of camaraderie and promote peace through competitive athletic competitions during the Olympic games. I barely raise an eyebrow. Its not that I don’t agree with or relate to values promoted in the Olympic spirit, I just have every little to relate to in the games [...]

Say Cheese!


One of the top Stories on CNN yesterday was about a giant hunk of cheese in England selling itself via a web cam to people all over the world. This story quietly nestled between other newsworthy topics such as ” Paris Hilton Living the Really Simple Life” and “Shreck slims down for McDonald’s Happy Meal” [...]