Monthly Archives: October 2008

My Favorite Letters Flickr Pool


John Boardley of “I Love Typography” has started a Flickr Pool where you can share you favorite letters of your favorite typefaces. It is fantastic to  browse all the unique letterforms displayed as ornate pieces of art, and super fun to create one for yourself. Throughout the group there are a number specimens that make [...]

Five Typefaces to be Inspired By


I am currently redesigning this site and am spending hours pouring through typefaces looking for inspiration. Finding the perfect Type for this project is a lot like dating to find the right guy to settle down with. I have pretty high standards, it has to look pretty fine, but it has to have a Bad [...]

Webucation: What I learned at Barcamp DC


This past Saturday I attended my second Barcamp DC. If you are not familiar with what barcamp is you can read what I have written about it in the past here and here. This year the talk that really caught my attention was that of Jeff Brown’s, a teacher at Damascus High School in Montgomery [...]

Choice Links #13 End of Summer/Begining of Fall


  LetterCult I was looking up some info on Doyald Young for class when I stumbled upon this site for custom lettering. As you know from some of my previous posts, I love custom lettering, and even recently tried my hand at it (under a 4 hour deadline) for a Viget Flash Mob. I am [...]