Monthly Archives: September 2007

#3 Choice Links for September


Blog Action Day The sexy design of this site makes me want to give those DC Greenpeace activist that accost me everyday for my phone number a few more minutes of my valuable lunchbreak time. Oh wait… now now, that design made me a little delirious. <clears head> I don’t have to sell my soul [...]

The Creative Spirit of Tom Suzuki


On Thursday evening I had the pleasure of attending an exhibition in honor of the memory of Tom Suzuki. Walking through the gallery I scanned over the humble pieces of everyday printed collateral push-pinned to the white walls that Suzuki created. There were no screaming examples of bold innovation, just beautiful design that was implemented [...]

Interactive Information Design and Social Media


I have a bit of a fetish for awesome information design and it gets nearly compulsive when it becomes a reacting entity on the world wide web. The idea that massive amounts of information, many times being ever-changing and dynamic can be molded into a visual form, manipulated, and sifted through is all sorts of [...]

Sesame Street Tips for Back to School Design Students


The feeling of September recalls warm memories of excitement I used to have when going back to school. I love school. I was that kid who begged to sit in the front row and obnoxiously raised my hand to participate in everything. My thirst to learn was only expedited as I entered college as a [...] a Network with Style Part 2 of 2


Brand encompasses so much more than just a logo, it involves the entire experience a user/consumer has with a product. has built a brand upon a foundation of engaging user-generated content that is beautifully complimented with unique motion graphics . The fantastic thing about web 2.0 is that it engages the user in a [...]