Monthly Archives: April 2007

Why Ask Why?


According to Wikipedia ‘Why’s an interrogative pro-abverb used mostly in questions that are concerned with causality. Somebody asking “Why is the sky blue?” would want to know what circumstances have transpired to create the situation to make the sky appear blue. Recently I read Brooke Capps article in Ad Age “Want to Build a Powerful [...]

Google’s Answer to Powerpoint: Answering my Prayers?


At night before I tuck myself into bed I pray to a higher being and request things like world peace, ending poverty, and someone to invent a more viable option to PowerPoint. There is a distinct possibility that some headway is being made with one of those requests. As previously established, I am extremely averse [...]

World Wide Web Monopoly


One of my family’s favorite activities when I was a kid was playing the board game Monopoly. Like an episode of Gilligan’s Island, we always began to play optimistically in complete denial of how the tale was scripted to end. By the end of the game my father usually bought up half the board, loaded [...]

A Matter of Public Inspiration


The internet is often the keeper of accidental treasure and inspiration. While searching for some photography online through the Library of Congress two years ago, I stumbled upon an exceptional gem of a resource. Buried deep amongst pages of digital layout lies a remarkable little darling of pure, hand-painted, graphic design. Originally untouched by Adobe [...]

The Art of Google Searching


There are different levels of expertise when it comes to the Google Search. The E-creeper. This is the uber- advanced Googler who can find your X-girlfriends Wedding Photos and tell you the current street address of your third grade teacher. They usually are savvy enough to know how to track the IPs of those who [...]

Bad Code <br> Out


Reworking a website is never my favorite task. Its always more fun to start a site from scratch writing the HTML super clean. A few times I have been given the task to rework other’s sites. If you write any HTML you will know that everyone has their own style. This usually causes me to [...]