Monthly Archives: March 2007

You had me at Helvetica


When I first read that there was a documentary being made about the typeface Helvetica I nearly peed my pants. The film, directed by Gary Hustwit, features short interviews with many of my favorite designers. You can probably imagine how hard I rocked the cabbage patch doing my happy-dance when I found out I was [...]

Lessons Learned on the Streets of SXSW


On Sunday at South By Southwest I attended one of my favorite panels called “Deadlines, Clients, and Cashflow: The Business side of Web Design” given by James Archer. One of the points Archer made in his panel was that when running a business you should have an already established business model that you look up [...]

Finding Your Way at SXSW


Last year I was unprepared for my trip to the SXSW Interactive Festival. This time i am going as my vacation and in an attempt to make the most of it, I put together a map of some of my planned destinations in Austin. While this map does not include everything, I marked what I [...]

SXSW or Bust!


When people ask me if I am excited about SXSW being right around the corner, I have a hard time describing how excited I really am. Knowing SXSW is coming up this week gives me the feeling of birds singing in my head and sun beams warming my face. I feel giddy like I am [...] Redesign: Looking Sexy


By no means am I a political blogger. Living in Northern Virginia, However there is no escaping it, politics, government, and military are everywhere. but on the coat tail of my last blog I find this a perfect place to point out a delightful surprise I found online today. The Whitehouse has redesigned their website, [...]