Monthly Archives: January 2007

Mrs. Eaves if you Please


My typeface mood currently is: Mrs. Eaves Petite Caps If you haven’t noticed, I have a tiny little obsession with Type. Today as I was spending my lunch going through my favorite fonts on the Emigré website a coworker plopped down across from me and asked, “Why do you love fonts so much?” I can [...]

Down Lo on H2o


You know you have nice packaging when you can sell water for more than its worth. I have an addiction to water. Being that i am a living creature can you really fault me? So let me rephrase this, i am addicted to high priced beautifully packaged pretentious water. Ridiculous… i know. Being that the [...]

Just a Little Background Info…


Design is everywhere. Since I was in the 6th grade any time anyone asked me what I wanted to do when I grow up the answer has been “I want to be a graphic designer”. A few years before that if you would have asked me the same question the answer would have been the [...]