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8 Random Questions for Jessica Hische


After months of scanning the web for examples of great design & typography, I realized that much of the custom lettering,  illustration, and letterpress that I had been swooning over was done by the same ridiculously talented designer. Jessica Hische’s work has been tweeted about and fffound, I can’t turn around on the internet without [...]

8 Random Questions for Val & Jason Head


Val {@vlh} and Jason {@gjhead} Head are the kick-ass couple behind the scenes at many of the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania web community events. From FlashPitt to Refresh Pittsburgh and Web Design Day, these two are dedicated, passionate… and most importantly… an inspiration. I met them through the internet (big surprise, right?) and after a few visits [...]

8 Random Questions for Stefan Bucher


Like many others, I only really knew Stefan Bucher as “the guy behind The Daily Monster” before he came and spoke at an ADCMW event a few months ago. While the monsters are  fun and impressive, there is a LOT more to Mr Bucher than that. He is a Designer, relatively young in age considering [...]

8 Random Questions for Dan Rubin


Dan Rubin cares about helping designers bridge the gap from print to web, and in a conversation I had with him via a phone call a few months ago, his passion on the subject matter was abundantly clear. Last month Dan spoke at the Art Directors Club of Metro Washington DC’s event ” From Print [...]