Monthly Archives: November 2007

Response: Should Web Designers Know How to Code?


Martin Ringlein of n’clud recently wrote a post called “Should Web Designers Know How to Code?”: All designers must know the medium and canvas in which they design for. How can a sculptor sculpt without knowing the difference in stones? How can a painter paint without knowing the difference in brushes, paint or canvas? How [...]

Gift Ideas For Designers


 (There is a follow up post to this, with more recent gifts available for designers, check it out!) The Helvetica Film DVD ($20) An essential addition to any Designer’s movie collection. Swiss Army Knife with Thumb Drive 1GB ($78) In case you have to save a file in a pinch or widdle a wooden figurine. [...]

Original Design Gangsta


“My clients call me Snoop ’cause my concepts are so high…” [kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /] Mad props to Kyle Webster for kick-ass online marketing and self promotion.

Get Out


In the last few months (what many are referring to as) the DC “Tech” community has really ramped up. I first started seeing it after Barcamp and since then there has been the addition of lots of interesting events in the DC area and even the online formation of the DC Tech Community on Ning. [...]

Design(ing) Makes Me Happy


Being designer can sometimes be tiring. I will never say it sucks or that its a crappy job because that is just not true. It is a privilege to be a designer and in my opinion it is the best job in the whole world, but just like any other creative occupation sometimes you feel [...]

Digital vs. Print: Newspapers


Thursday evening a few colleagues and I visited the interactive offices of the With super impressive digs the folks over in their Arlington offices are doing some multidimensional work that ventures far beyond the expectations one would have for a local news paper. When taking a look at the Top 20 Online Current Events [...]