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Getting Web Design Schooled


Designers have lots of different kinds of styles. Im not a designer who puts on headphones and is content to zone out over a photoshop doc for hours. I am one of those designers who thrives on constant human interaction and feeds off verbal bursts of passionate brainstorming. I LOVE people. I LOVE people who [...]

My Typography Inspiration Secret Spots


Surfers are constantly thinking about catching their next wave. A secret spot is when they find an awesome break that is hidden from the world….. where they can float amongst the waves, relax, be inspired, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the better known beaches. Just as surfers are looking for that [...]

Bad Ass Desktop Wallpapers, JUST for you!


Recently at Viget Labs, we had a Flash Mob where members of the design team spent 4 hours making desktop wallpapers to give away on the blog. This gave me the idea to design a few Bad Ass Wallpapers for this blog. It was a lot of fun, enjoy! Below I cropped each one in [...]

The Evolution of the International Typographic Style: From Print to Web


The popularity of generated content and social media is transforming the web. No longer does a site need a flashy intro or exciting graphics to entice a user to dig deeper, search engines and smart architecture bring the user right to what they are seeking, and when they find that… they want to appreciate it [...]

The Other Blog…


As I pointed out in a post just a few months ago I recently joined the super-awesome team at Viget Labs. I’m not just saying they are super-awesome, you can see for yourself here. Along with all the fun design work I have the privilege of working on with them, comes the Viget Inspire blog. [...]

The Surf Art Of Tyler Warren


Summer needs to hurry the heck up. For me it means weekend trips to the beach to join Jim surfing. Though it is cold outside that doesn’t deter him from hitting the waves or the web to search out the latest in the surfing community. I don’t surf. Not yet. But I do love the [...]